Gary Vaynerchuk to Open World’s First ‘NFT Holders Members Only’ Restaurant

Introducing Flyfish Club: the world’s first private dining experience where VIP membership is purchased on the blockchain and owned by the token holder. The premier dining destination in New York City will only be accessible by owners of Flyfish NFT tokens.

NFTs are not just all about trading digital art. Longtime startup investor and NFT enthusiast Gary Vaynerchuk (above) is the first crypto entrepreneur to create a members-only restaurant through Flyfish Club NFTs.

There [are] so many variables that come along with NFT life that people don’t think about, that I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. We want to create incredible value for the people that are part of this process.

Gary Vaynerchuk

The team behind the Flyfish club is a company founded by Vaynerchuk – VCR group is a collective of operators and hospitality professionals who say they thrive on creating something innovative for the restaurant industry, something “fresh and fun” that has never been done before.

Adopting NFTs for VIP-only access turns club membership into an asset for those who join the Flyfish community. The NFT membership model creates an extra level of exclusivity for those seeking the high-end fine dining experience.

Flyfish Membership NFTs Sold Out

All Flyfish NFTs that went on sale through the Flyfish website have (unsurprisingly, given Vaynerchuk’s popularity) already sold out. There are two different levels of membership that will allow token holders access to the restaurant when it officially opens its doors in 2023.

The two Flyfish Club membership tiers

1. The Flyfish Token: All 2,650 Flyfish NFTs sold for 2.5 ETH each. Members can access the cocktail room, the restaurant with its outdoor space and skyline views of Manhattan, as well as admission to events (both physical and virtual).

2. The Flyfish Omakase Token: All 385 Flyfish Omakase NFTs sold for 4.25 ETH each. Members can access everything Flyfish Token holders can, plus the “Omakase experience” – dining in the private Omakase Room (with one guest), with meals curated by one of the best sushi masters in the country.

Read more about how it works on the Flyfish club website.

Vaynerchuk is the creator of the NFT project VeeFriends, which offers token holders access to exclusive events “focused around business, marketing, ideas, creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, competition and of course, fun”.

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