Elon Musk’s Love For Dogecoin Finally Revealed!

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Dogecoin advocate Elon Musk has once again proclaimed his support for the meme coin at Qatar Economic Forum in Doha on 21 June.

In the highly televised event, Musk who appeared virtually talked about cryptocurrencies in general with Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait.

When asked about DOGE, the tech billionaire said that his preference for the asset continues to grow stronger after receiving encouragement from people of all walks of life, including his employees.

I intend to personally support Dogecoin because I just know a lot of people who are not that wealthy who have encouraged me to buy and support Dogecoin—so I’m responding to those people. Just people when I walk around the factory at SpaceX or Tesla, they’ve asked me to support Dogecoin, so I’m doing so.

The CEO of Tesla Inc. and SpaceX has often pumped Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency created as a joke in 2013, with his Twitter musings. Recently Musk noted that Tesla accepts Doge as payment for merchandise and reiterated that SpaceX will be doing the same soon.

Meanwhile, critics slammed the token comparing it to a pyramid scheme, an allegation that did not go down well with DOGE co-creator Billy Markus.


Markus posted a tweet saying “if dogecoin is a pyramid scheme, so is the entire cryptocurrency market, stock market, the housing market, commodities market, and monetary system itself. cryptocurrency itself is just a protocol and a shared database”

Some proponents felt that the recent market crash provided a perfect opportunity for critics to bash the coin.

Dogecoin is Pumping

Last week, a frustrated investor based in the US filed litigation against Elon Musk and his firms- Tesla, and SpaceX for $258 billion alleging the CEO of operating an ‘illegal racketeering’ network to inflate the price of the asset.

Plaintiff Keith Johnson claims that he and others in the class-action have lost nearly $86 billion from May 2021 and June 2022 and is demanding that figure in monetary damages in addition to $172 billion.

On the price front, DOGE is showing some promising upswings. In just 3 days, the 10th-ranked coin surged by over 43%. At press time, it is trading at $0.066, an 11% rise over the daily index.

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