Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Slams Ethereum Community For Being “Obsessive”

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Cardano News Cardano's Charles Hoskinson Slam Ethereum Community For Being



Cardano and IOHK founder Charles Hoskinson has made some strong remarks against the Ethereum community in his latest tweets. Hoskinson criticized ETH fans for being obsessive since 2014 and that it all made sense after the merge.

“They just seem to really like technology and events from 2014. Levity aside, people really need to grow up and move on. It’s fair game,” he said.

He emphasized how the core Eth developers utterly disregarded his suggested Ouroboros consensus, and that bringing up Cardano by the same individuals who have chosen to ignore him for the past five years is, in his opinion, a “crime.”

Hoskinson also slammed the ETH crowd for indulging in discussions that he claims are devoid of intellectual honesty and commonsense. Expressing frustration over rumors that Cardano is a useless scam that couldn’t possibly be innovative, the founder said it hurts the industry as a whole.


With every HFC event, Cardano continues to deliver on its potential to be something better for the world’s systems. It’s community continues to grow and evolve. Next year we’ll make our largest contributions ever to governance and user experience. We’ll do that together.

Cardano News “Cardano Doesn’t Require Cryptocurrency To Be Successful”

The founder said that Cardano does not need to rely on cryptocurrency in order to succeed and believes that the PoS Blockchain can grow to billions without poaching a single one from Bitcoin or Ethereum.

He further said solving real-life problems has always been the focus of his community.

The Input-Output CEO recently commented on one of Vitalik Buterin’s posts, saying “Ethereum could have saved a lot of pain and work by integrating Snow White.”

Hoskinson raised the issue back in 2021 and claimed that Elaine Shi’s Snow White Proof-of-Stake [PoS] consensus will make Ethereum 2.0 far better.

Elaine Shi, an associate professor at famed Cornell University, which is one of the US leading institutions for blockchain research, TronWeekly reported.

She co-wrote a paper on Snow White PoS consensus in 2016 that stated it would “provides the first formal, end-to-end proof of a Proof-of-Stake system in a truly decentralized, open-participation network” where nodes can join at any time, even after the system has been established.

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